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Compounding is the art of preparing a custom drug using pure, pharmaceutical grade raw materials/products in agreement with a physician's prescription that is based on an individual patient's needs.  When working in the compounding profession, there is a certain "triad" that is followed, patient, prescriber, and pharmacist.  In the triad, a physician determines the patients needs, chooses a course of therapy, which may include a compounded medication.  A patient gets the dispensed medication after going through a thorough consultation.

We make prescriptions and nutraceuticals from the pure chemical powder to meet our patients unique needs. We are able to change dosage forms, make medications that are no longer commercially available, and combine compatible medications for easier administration. By starting with individual ingredients, we can make prescriptions more palatable and cut out fillers that patients may be sensitive to. Tastier, allergen-free medicine means better patient compliance!


Continuous Quality Improvement Partner

Program/culture of continuos improvement that uses a cyclical process of third party testing, analysis, and implementing changes in the pharmacy to continuously improve on products, processes and people. Core elements of the program include:


Analytical Testing

Effective testing program targeted at identifying and monitorying current levels of quality.


Data Analysis

Analyze the data generated by the testing program to target improvements to products, processes and people within the pharmacy.



Utilizing what we learn from the testing and analysis into systematic improvements, making for a better experience for our patients.



Contact Us

Please call us with questions or to fill a prescription:



Specialty Compounding

211 S. Bell Blvd. (Hwy 183 N)

Cedar Park, TX 78613




Toll Free: 877-AUSTINRX (287-8679)

Fax: 512-219-0943




Or use our contact form.


Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 9 AM to 5 PM


Sunday: CLOSED


Specialty Compounding is now compounding RG3.

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