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Our team of compounding pharmacists and technicians has developed a novel approach to delivering therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals that are palatable and easy to administer.


We customize amino acid mixtures in powder or capsule form for each individual's needs. We are also participating with other health practitioners in the joint development of innovative therapies for patients on the autism spectrum. We specialize in chelation gels, suppositories, and sublingual tablets.


Our unique compounds include: 

  • Cal/Mag Suspensions - Our unduplicated Calcium, Magnesium suspension not only gives children the calcium and magnesium they need, it tastes good too!

  • Vitamin/Mineral Supplement - Our mango-citrus flavored supplement uses activated forms of elemental vitamins and minerals. Completely customizable, we can add or take away depending on the patient's needs. Common additives are L-Carnitine and 5-MTHF. This product is not corn free.


  • Amino Acid Supplements - We make amino acid powders specific to each individual's needs. These can mix into a shake or smoothie.


  • Methylcobalmin/B12 sublingual tablets - We make unit dose, preservative-free of methylcobalmin and methyl/adenosyl.


  • Oxytocin Nasal Spray


  • Naltrexone


  • Glutathione Transdermal Gel - Our topical chelation gel.


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Please call us with questions or to fill a prescription:



Specialty Compounding

211 S. Bell Blvd. (Hwy 183 N)

Cedar Park, TX 78613




Toll Free: 877-AUSTINRX (287-8679)

Fax: 512-219-0943




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Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 8 AM to 6 PM

Sat: 8 AM to NOON

Sunday: CLOSED


Specialty Compounding is now compounding Rg3!

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